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Monday, December 25, 2006

Have a Happy Christmas!

Have a Happy Christmas!
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I hope everyone has a great holiday with their families and friends. Have a Merry Christmas!

It is great to spend time with my family and friends this holiday. I try hard to not to worry about the materialism of presents, rather I focus on what the holiday season means to me.

The best gift you can give, is the gift you can give all year along. I try to be helpful to all my family, friends and those that I don't know. Whenever someone needs help, don't ask, help them.

I have skills in music, teaching, computers and other technology. So I give 'gifts' to anyone I meet that needs help in those areas. In many ways, that's a lot better than any gift you get in a box. And it's funny how many boxes are more interesting than the present inside them.

Hopefully you do the same with your skills. I bet if we all could help each other out a few minutes a week, this world would be even better to live in. And it makes you feel great too!

Well friends, here is another 'gift' to you all. A musical gift of course. I recorded a few Christmas Carols to share with you.

Here are the songs I videotaped:
Christmas Carols Sung by Herbert Midgley
"Joy to the World"
"Away in the Manger"
"O Come, All Ye Faithful"
"We Three Kings"
"Angels We Have Heard on High"

If you want to hear some more of me singing Christmas Carols, here is the link to the Christmas CD I recorded last year.

Have A Nerdy Christmas CD
by Herbert Midgley

1. Silent Night mp3 2.5 megs
2. O Christmas Tree mp3 1.5 megs
3. Good King Wenceslas mp3 1.5 megs
4. Jingle Bells mp3 1.4 megs
5. Joy to the World mp3 2 megs
6. Hark! The Heard Angels Sing mp3 2 megs
7. O Come, All Ye Faithful mp3 2 megs
8. Angels We Have Heard on High mp3 2.3 megs
9. Deck the Halls mp3 1.3 megs
10. Away in the Manger mp3 1.6 megs
11. The First Nowell mp3 1.3 megs
12. Have a Nerdy Christmas mp3 1.7 megs

Here is the link for the CD cover. 2.8 megs jpeg

Here is the link of all of the mp3s zip in one folder.
19.5 megs zip file

If you need a quick Christmas present, you can download the CD and burn it to give out.

And if you have missed it, here is the link to "The Ruthi And Herbi Holiday Christmas Special 2006". It seems that kids and old folks love this special. I have had many parents tell me that their kids sing and watch the special over and over again. So if your kid brother or sister is bugging you this holiday, put the special on and you won't hear from them other than them singing along to the carols!

"The Ruthi And Herbi Holiday Christmas Special 2006" YouTube

"The Ruthi And Herbi Holiday Christmas Special 2006" Google Video
(You can Download it from here and share with all of your friends and family.)

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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