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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm in The Buzz!

A newspaper on Monday.
A magazine on Thursday.
What will Saturday bring?
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Today I am in the latest issue of The Buzz. It is a story on 'cool people' that live in East Texas. Read the article to see my thoughts on Star Trek and Star Wars.

Earlier in the week I interviewed in the Pinelog too. It was a Q & A about what I do and who influences me.

It is a cool feeling to know that I'm 'cool' enough to get interviewed by the press. And the main reason anyone knows who I am is because of my webpage and a little song about nerds I wrote a few years back. I thought I would only get a few moments of fame from that song, it’s the song that keeps on giving.

I hope that when folks read about me they remember that I am more than just one song. I’m a person that has feelings, family and friends. As my grandpa would say,”you put on your pants one leg at a time like everyone else.” He was right, I do.

There are a handful of people in the world that spend most of their lives creating. I feel lucky to be one of those people.

So why do I write so many songs? Make Sci-Fi movies? Write plays? Write screenplays? Act? Take thousands of photos of myself? Perform at every open mike night I can? Is it because I'm a big ham or is there another reason?

I won't lie to you and say that I don't enjoy the limelight. I do love the attention. When I go out, odds are that someone knows me or of me. So when I hear the yells of my name, it does rock.

There is bigger reason that I do all of this stuff. I was giving the gift of having a creative mind. If I don't use this gift, then I'm not fulfilling the life I was giving.

I do all of this stuff not for the fame, rather because I feel it's a calling. The computer calls to me to write a song or a screenplay. My guitar calls out to me to rock and roll. And my camcorder calls to me to make the best indie Sci-Fi movies I can without a budget. And when I’m in front of a class full of people that want to learn, I can’t wait to share my knowledge with them.

I’m truly blessed to be able to do all of this stuff. It’s good to be “Herb” most days. And I never forget how lucky I am to have this good fortune. I wish everyone could be as blessed as I am. What a world that would be.

I can’t forget about the podcast I recorded this week. Here is the link to the podcast I co-host, Return of Whatever

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