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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Five Music Videos in One Day!

Before I shot all those music videos!
On Friday the Thirteen!!!!

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Last Friday, Friday the Thirteen, was a busy day for me. I got the motivation to make some music videos after work. It was after five o'clock, so the lighting was great. And I was in the music zone!

I shot two new songs outside before the great lighting faded away. Then I went inside and shot three more with me playing piano. If you didn’t know, at one point in my life I used to practice piano four hours a day.

I’m glad I did all that work all those years ago, I miss all of my old piano friends I had in college. We were like a family back then. Practice, practice, practice, play for one another, talk then a lot more practice.

As you know, I have been working on playing Boogie Woogie for the last few weeks. And after doing some research on Boogie Woogie, it turns out that Boogie Woogie has it's orgins in East Texas! Wow! Maybe I'm feeling the power of those that played Boogie Woogie before me here in deep East Texas. Rock and Roll.

I recorded a Boogie Woogie song in the style of the early Rock and Rollers. Then I improvised in C. It's not perfect, man it is fun to play!! I am digging ‘practicing’ piano again. It is really is too much fun to call practicing.

The last song I played on the piano was a song that I wrote back in 1990. I fixed some of the lyrics, I'm a bit better with words now for some reason. I wonder why that is?

The chords and the melody are same as it was back in 1990. At the time that I wrote this song, I would've never thought that anyone other than my friends and family would ever hear it. Now with Youtube, the world can hear all of my songs!

I have been working on three different plays and I have ideas to write a few more. If I only had more time. Between school, running, practicing, performing, going to plays, going to concerts and writing, I only have so much time in a day. It’s great that I have so many opportunities to create and see art here in East Texas, the best place on Earth! You have to love Texas.

Here are the music videos:
"Too Much" New song
"Don't Know Your Name" New song
"If I" Song from 1990
"Sera (Boogie Woogie song)" Me playing and singing Boogie Woogie.
"Boogie Woogin in C" Me playing Boogie Woogie.

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