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Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Sweater Girl" in Stormtrooper Armor!!! And Boogie Woogie Too!!!

Stormtroopers rock out!!!!
This is my second most requested song when I play live, so I decided to make fun Music Video for this classic song about a girl that wears sweater.

Sometimes when you write a song, you know that people are going to like it. This was true with "Sweater Girl". The Chorus is so catchy, that is one gift that I do have, writing catchy tunes.

The last time I posted a video in my Trooper Armor, well it had over 749,926 downloads!

"Sweater Girl" in Stormtrooper Armor

This is cool too, a Stormtrooper playing Boogie Woogie. That's right, TK652 is playing Boogie Woogie piano!

Remember that I can't see or move too well in the suit. So I can play Boogie Woogie better when I can move and see!!

Stormtrooper Boogie Woogie in C

Here is another emo/nerd/rock song.

This is how I look most of the time when I don't have my Trooper Armor on.

Sometimes It's Worth (Music Video)

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