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Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Busy Week!!! Acting, Soul Music, Trooping, Getting Shot, Time Change & a Pizza without Cheese!

TK652 in Action!
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A busy week! I had a great time at the "Scare on the Square", it was a sight to see seven Stormtroopers walking around as a group! This is the biggest group of Stormtroopers that I have 'Trooped' with.

We took a lot of photos of all the fun. A few of the Trooper made the front page of the local newspaper. I'm not in this photo, it is hard to get that many Troopers in one photo! Check the link out to today, I'm sure the link to the photo will gone by Monday.

We took a lot of photos with the kiddos and their parents. Most of the time we had to stand still because of all those photo ops!! We moved six feet and we had to stop for another photo. I am glad that my folks got to come out and see us all Trooping! TK560, you are the man, it's because of his hard work that we have a squad of Troopers in Nac! Who would have ever thought that in Deep East Texas we would have that many!

"Scare on the Square" with a Squad of Stormtroopers!
I can't believe we have this many troopers in Nac!
Can you guess which one I am?
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I bet you can pick me out now!
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I only heard "Aren't you a little short to be a storm trooper?" a few times. All those kids with potato guns need some parental supervision. Since when did potato guns become popular again? It's all good.

We had a lot of kiddos ask if we were robots. They would stare into the eyes of the helmet to see if someone was in there. And I shook a lot of hands and gave a lot of high fives!! Fun for us all!

I am waiting to get shot,
The folks in the back are plotting
how best to do this for the film.
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I got asked about a month ago to play a 'Heavy' or the bad guy for a short student film. It has been a dream to be the 'Heavy' on film. I know that I would never be the leading man, well anyone can be the bad guy. And I always thought that I could play the 'Heavy' great!

As I worked on the lines, I could play the part two ways. Over the top or low key. I worked on both of these. The final product turned out to be a combination of both parts.

Like always, in film there is a lot of hurry up and wait. It was cool to have a chance to work on film with one of my great friends. In between shots, I would make up songs and come up with funny lines out of character. I had the whole group laughing! Then as soon as action was yelled out, I was back into character. I am amazed that I can do this now, joke around one minute then intense the next. It's getting easier to this acting thing.

Setting up the squib shot was cool. I never thought that I would get shot on film. The shirt I had on had to be lost, it was worth it!

We had one time to get the shot done right. I got to use my Judo training when I took the fall. When the squib went off, it all happen so fast. I didn't feel a thing and more 'blood' got on the actor shooting me than on me. I hope it looks good on film.

Me after The Temptations show in Crockett!
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I got invited to go see The Temptations on Crockett. A free ticket and The Temptations in East Texas, means that I had to go. We got backstage and I got to talk to a few of the current members of the group. I asked them how many shows they do a year. They are on the road 40 weeks a year!

And remember that they are dancing, singing and rocking out for an hour and half straight. And most of the members of the group are in their late fifties and sixties! I hope that I'm rocking out like that at that age! Rock and Roll!!

Thanks to the time change, I am up early. Do we still need to change the clocks back? It's all cool. Maybe I'll get me a pizza without cheese today, or a tomato pie as I call it. If they can only get the order right at Cici's. I must be the only person in Nac to not eat cheese. Oh well, it's all Rock and Roll to me!

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