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Saturday, September 30, 2006

An out of tune guitar, 6pm light, emo song and Herbert Music Video.

I'm emo and look great in the 6pm light.
I love this t-shirt! Once you have a t-shirt
with your face on it, you know you are famous!
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I wrote a song, recorded it and shot a music video all within two hours.
My guitar was acting up so I couldn't get it to stay in tune. Well, no one cares about my guitar being in tune, you love my songs because of the words and the 5 o'clock shadows on my face.

I am a song writer, so the words are the most important part of my music. The chords are only I IV V anyways. In the key of G if you want to play along with me.

I hope you like it. I clipped the last chord off, so that the song would never be over. Artisy huh? The never ending song, and me walking into the sunset, man what an ending!

Chip Away that Boulder (Music Video)

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