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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Catchy Punk Rock Song-Bubble Gum Music!

I love to Rock and Roll!
Here is a non-emo song for all to rock to. I enjoy writing catchy tunes as well as deep songs. There's nothing wrong with a bubble gum punk rock song. Sometimes I want to play a super easy song that's a lot of fun to play. I bet the crowd will go wild when they here this tune.

This one came to mind while I was practicing guitar. So I stopped for five minutes to write it and record a quick demo. It is short and catchy. When you repeat a phrase, it helps you remember it. So if you use it for the whole two minute song, I bet you'll remember it! I hope you like it!

And like always, I made a music video to go along with it. Whenever I have the video camera out, all the people around stop and look at what I am doing. I guess they must think that I'm famous since I have camera? I don't know, but they are quiet when they see me singing, so that's good.

I look great with the shadows of 5 o'clock on me. On a beautiful East Texas day, I can't resist making a video! A blue sky, a punk rock music and me in a music video, what a great day it was!

Our Love is Something to Write About (Punk Music Video)

Here is the mp3, I'm playing my Stratocaster on this recording.

Our Love is Something to Write About mp3 1.9 megs

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