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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Ain't Got Time to Blog....I am making music man!

I write songs.
A lot of songs.
And make a lot of music videos too!
It seems like a while since I wrote a fun blog. Most of my friends that read my blog do so because it, unlike my songs, isn't sad and emo. The blog is like me, full of life and fun. To know me is to truly know my blog.

I enjoying writing about fun things and all the fun stuff that I do and have done. For the last few weeks I have being teaching, writing songs and making a lot of music videos of them. And of course rocking out!

When the creativity bug hits me, I find it hard to stop writing. One song I wrote last week came to life this way, I was about to go to sleep when I picked up the guitar and started to sing a song with the chord changes. So I came down to the computer and typed it up and recorded a demo of it so that I could remember it the next day.

Right now I still have five or six songs that I have lyrics for and I haven't had a chance to put them to music. This is a good problem to have. Most of my fellow songwriter friends would love to have this problem.

I do get asked from folks how do I write so many songs? So how do I write a song? Do I wait for a ‘muse’ to hit me? Does the songs hit me all at one time? Is it easy for me? Are all the songs about ‘real life’?

Yes and no to all of those questions. I usually have some real life event that a song is based on. Two separate events can combine together to make a song. Or while I’m running or riding my bike and idea may hit too.

Right now, as I walk around, I am hit all of a sudden of a song. The ‘muse’ has been with me for the last few months. I’m not sure why, it is great to have the ‘muse’ around.

Usually, when a song hits me, I have written one line or phrase that is catchy and that is the germ of the song. And I build the rest of song from that point.

Lately while I am writing one song, another idea pops up for another one. It is a good thing that ‘I show up’ to write everyday.

That is another thing that helps. I do write everyday. Everyday I work on a song, a play or a blog. This helps the words to flow out on the paper or the computer screen.

One other thing that I find that is most important to writing is that you have to live life to write. It is hard to lock yourself up into your room and write something that someone else can relate to.

And because life has its up and downs, you tend to write both happy and sad songs. It is easier to write about sad events since most of us have conflict in our lives. I also believe when things are ‘too happy’ people get bored. Sad but true in my humble opinion.

So here is a summary on how I write songs:

Write daily.

Live Live.

Write about what you know.

Learn about things you want to write about.

When the ‘muse’ does hit you, keep on writing!

Be good to people, writers that hate people and life are only living half a life, so therefore can only write about the bad half.

Be honest with your emotions. Don’t let them control you, just be honest with them.

Share your work with the world. It’s easy today with the internet, blog, Youtube and Myspace. Why are you writing? So your stuff will sit on some shelf? No, you write so that others can read it and maybe learn from it too.

If you think you shouldn’t write something, that’s what you should write about! I know it’s hard, but being a writer isn’t like playing paddy cake. At times writing is mean and can hurt other people’s feelings, but kiddo that’s life. Do you want to write or not?

To thine own self be true.

This above all, to thine own self keep it real!!

I’m sure there is more, still this will get you started. So go out there and write!

Well here are all the songs that I have written and music videos that I have made over the last few weeks. I hope you like them! If you watch all ten, let me know! You are a true Herbert fan!!

I'm Legally a Jerk (Music Video)

Some Things Are Better Unknown (Music Video)

I'll Never Do This Again (Music Video)

You Once Thought That I Had a Problem (Music Video)

No Matter How Hard I Tried (Music Video)

Things Have Change Too Much (Music Video)

SWB Girl (Music Video)

Crying My Heart Out For You (Music Video)

Super Stud (Music Video)

I'm a Nerd -Live at the Last Rita's Open Mike Night- 9-21-06

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