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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last Day.............

I rock so hard that a nuke went off!
Man I am nuclear!!
Well friends I wrote a couple of new songs this week. So of course I shot some videos to go along with them.

I had my first gig at the new Starbucks in Nac last Saturday. One hour of covers then I played an hour of my songs. It was great fun, I dig the vibe there.

So much different than when I play at a club. It is nice to rock outside too, I love fresh air. That's the hippie in me I guess!

Some of my hippie friends were there and they helped me rock out on two of my big hits! Rock and Roll! I finally got some other people in one of my music videos this summer!

This has been the hottest summer that I can remember for a long time here in East Texas. Everyone, stay cool. Be like Herbert, and what is Herbert. Cool, let's all be cool!

New songs:
"Nuke the World" music video
"Nuke the World" mp3

"Your Soul" music video

"Your Soul"

Music videos from the Starbucks gig.
"Sweater Girl" Live at Starbucks music video
"I'm a Nerd" Live at Starbucks music video

Here is a link to all of my music videos on YouTube

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