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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Screenplay in Two and Half Hours

I think this would make a cool CD cover.
Me in between writing screenplays.
I am working on screenplays this summer. Joe Lansdale is sharing his knowledge with us and in only two days, I have learn a lot. I have some friends in there and it will be cool to see what we all come up with at the end of five weeks.

Writing is like music, a craft. Something that you have to continue to work on so that your craft can improve. If you have great ideas, like I am blessed to have, you still have to write in a manner that you can share your stories.

As you know, I love to write. Writing plays over the last few years has given me a lot of joy. The great thing about writing, I can write until the day I drop off the planet. I might get to a point that I can't hold my guitar, but by then I should be able to 'think' my words in to some future computer.

Well, we had one day to write a five page screenplay. So I came up with a crazy plot and wrote it in about two and half hours. I'll go back and edit it some more, I bet there are a few typos. It is so cool to write something in a few hours and with the power of the internet, the whole world can read it!

As I have mention before, all the arts combine. My songwriting has improve greatly since I have been writing plays and acting. The last two songs I have written, in my humble opinion, rock!

I have been rocking out with them since I wrote them. The next CD I put out should rock even harder then the last one! Rock and roll!

Here is the Screenplay that I wrote in two and half hours.
Don't let the title put you off, there is a moral as there is in all of my writings.


And if you missed my songs, here they are again.
"Your Crime, My Crime" and "I Don't Need You Anymore" are the two songs that I have been rocking out on. Try to catch me playing them live sometime.

The Music Videos:
Your Crime, My Crime
I Don't Need You Anymore
You are Only Alone

Here are the mp3s to put on your mp3 player:
Your Crime, My Crime mp3
I Don't Need You Anymore mp3
You are Only Alone mp3

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