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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Music Videos, Screenplays and Podcast

I look better when there
is a guitar in the background.
I grew up as a teenager in 1980's. So when I got MTV, I got to see and hear a lot of good music, as well as a lot of bad music too.

Bands like Ah-Ha, The Police and my boys Hall and Oates made some great music videos. When I was in junior high and high school, I always wanted to make cool music videos too.

At that time, it wasn't possible. If I had a TV station, I could've. All I had was an Atari 800 and my Les Paul copy. So I would have to wait for the technology to get cheap enough so I could afford it.

Well about twenty years later, that's how long I've been playing guitar by the way, I can make a cool music video in a matter of hours. Thanks to my digicam, iMovie and Youtube, in a few minutes I can have a music video up for the world to watch.

Back in the 1980's, I used to ride my bike everywhere. After I rode my bike, I went to the library to fill my mind with knowledge. So when I ride my bike, I have memories of so many happy times. I was free, like the wind.

So when I ride my bike today, I remember all of the goodtimes. I'm so happy to live in a place that I bike the main drag without any problems. And everything is close enough to bike to. Some folks say it's too hot to go biking, I say it is not fun to get there without a bike.

In the video "Your Crime, My Crime", I tried to show the joy of me and my bike.

The idea for "I Don't Need You Anymore" was that I wanted to show how alone this guy is. Solitude and reflection can be seen in this video. Also a bug flies in, and the guy smiles, showing that not all is lost even if you are singing a sad song.

I have always loved broken-down old frame houses. My friend Jimbo is house sitting for his kin and when I saw the front of the house, I knew that I had to shoot a video there. It isn't that broken down, but I like the look anyways. In "It's Your Loss", I wanted to show a guy singing his heart out on a porch in front of the world so that everyone would know the story. And the backdrop looks great too.

When you watch my videos now, I hope you can see that I do put a lot of thought into them. And I hope that you enjoy them too. Here is a link to all the music videos I have on YouTube. If you dig my sound, tell all your friends about my music videos!

The Music Videos:
It's Your Loss
Why Do I?
Your Crime, My Crime
I Don't Need You Anymore
You are Only Alone

Here are the mp3s to put on your mp3 player:
It's Your Loss This one has drums mp3
It's Your Loss (No drums) mp3
Why Do I? mp3
Your Crime, My Crime mp3
I Don't Need You Anymore mp3
You are Only Alone mp3

If you haven't heard the podcast that I co-host, you should check it out. Return of Whatever is an educational technology podcast, however do tell jokes so it isn't too dry to listen to.

Return of Whatever (Podcast 58 7-12-06)64.mp3 19 megs mp3

And here is the screenplay I wrote in two and half hours. Let me know what you think.

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SjN said...

The It's A Loss video was OFF THE CHAIN!! I posted a comment on your YouTube page but wanted to catch you over here. The way it ended with you walking into that house was an excellent touch!

A personal request? Listening to you do 'You Can't Look Into...' from that same porch would would be awesome! The backdrop of that house just begs for it to be done!

Thanks for the great videos!!

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