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Monday, July 10, 2006

The End of Summer I and the Start of Summer II

MHL 350 Class I'm the only guy in the photo.
MUS 140 Rock History This class is always big, I can never get everyone
in the photo.
Man this summer is going by fast! It seems like only yesterday that Summer I started and now Summer II is about to start.

I had a great time teaching during Summer I. The classes went well and as always, I learn as much from the folks in my classes as I teach. That's one reason that I'm a teacher, I love to learn new things. Being a life long learner is very important to me.

I am writing and writing a lot. Look for some more plays in a few weeks. They will be great. And I have a few more songs in me too. And of course some more music videos!

I hope that the rest of summer will rock! I bet it will!

If you are into art, check out my new art blog. Computer art is fun to make.

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