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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Music Videos, Screenplays, Poem Art

Me talking to my camera.
I have been busy this week. Writing songs, poems and screenplays and of course making music videos!

Here I am showing my skill at open mike night with an electric guitar that, Social Bliss, one of East Texas' best local band gave me. Check out one of the few times that I uses an electric guitar at Open Mike Night. Rock and Roll!

This set is about 13 minutes long and I'm playing some new and old songs:
Your Crime, My Crime
It's Your Loss You
You Dissed Me
I Didn't Let Her (Music by Social Bliss, words by Herbert Midgley)
And Sweater Girl

Here is my set uncut.
Me rocking out at Rita's 7-13-06


This how I look like after
you talk to me for more than
three hours in a row.
I haven't seen 'A Scanner Darkly' yet, but the trailer looked cool.
I hope you like this version.

It's Your Loss (Music Video/A Scanner Darkly version)

The orginal
It's Your Loss (Music Video)

Thanks to SjN for putting one of my poems to art. You are a great friend. Wow!
I am blown away!

The Art Of SjN
My poem blog

Me at the Subway!
Here are the last two screenplays that I have written for class.

The Last Yard-A football player's life after high school football.

Wait For It -This is baised off of a classmate's outline. A high school english teacher wants to get rich.

Waiting in Line with the Cowboy, the Devil and the Ugly Girl-The first one if you missed it. Will going to a concert cost your soul?

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