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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Me acting one more time as a physician

I'm not a physician,
I have played one many times
on film though.
I got to be an extra in the student film on Saturday. Once again, I was a doctor. This is the third time that I have played a physician on screen.

I didn't have any lines, I guess that Herbert Midgley doesn't need to have lines in every film that I'm in. This is all a great learning experience, and to have a chance to be in a film that isn't mine is always fun. If I do say so myself, I do make a good looking doctor. When I look at the photo above, I can believe that I'm a physician.

Everytime I'm on a set I learn something that I can use in my own movies. I do have another Timetorian movie in me this summer. The script is in my head, I just have to put it on paper. It is going to rock.

Well, the local news was out at the film shoot and I got a lot of time in the news package. Of the 35 seconds of the news package, I was on for 8 seconds. Ironically, I probably got more screen time in the news package than I'll have in the movie. I guess the local news thought that I looked great as a physician too.

The news package on the film shoot.

Here is a demo of a song I wrote this week. I'll recorded a better version this week.
Why Do I (Demo)

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