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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Got to see and Hang Out With The Beatles Last night!!!

Did you know that I'm the 5th Beatle?
Can you pick me out?
As all of you know, I am a major Beatles fan. I dig all of their songs and wanted to learn how to play guitar so that I could play Buddy Holly, Ozzy and Beatle songs.

A dream of mine was to see The Beatles live. My time machine isn't working, but last night The Beatles invaded Lufkin!

Back Beat a Tribute came to town and play The Beatles' tunes note for note! They sounded great and rocked hard!! In reality, they sounded better than The Beatles live because you could heard them and their instruments were in tune! Rock and Roll!

My homeboys, Social Bliss hooked me up with a ticket and we all rocked out!! I sang to every song and played air guitar and piano to all the tunes. Man I'll remember that night for the rest of my life. After the show, Social Bliss and I got to hang out and talk to the boys from Liverpool. They were all cool and dug the fact that I teach Rock History and I spend a week on The Beatles in class. Man Rock and Roll!!

After last night I have to get me a Gibson Montana J-160E . I can't wait to hear "I'm a Nerd" or "Sweater Girl" on it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to liverpool this summer. I'm going to study abroad in england, and one of our activities is seeing the whole beatles place and all that jazz... you want anything from the giftshop?
-Ben Shallenberger



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