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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Happening

The Group that is saving Rock and Roll!
All of the Performers at the Happening.
Another fun time at the Happening. The world premire of The Timetorians went great. It was the first time I saw the movie on the big screen.

Everyone rock out! I love playing and listening to music in the Recital Hall. No one had to plug in their guitars and we only need a bit of amplification for the vocals. Everyone sounded great and we could hear all of the lyrics too. If you haven't heard a concert in the Music Recital Hall, make sure that you do.

I want to thank: Chris, Jeremy, Adam, Brian, Chelsea and Mikey for sharing their talents with others. And I want to thank all that came out to rock and roll with us.

If you missed the Happening tonight, you are in luck, I taped me rocking out!!

The Happening with Herbert Midgley

Here is the first live performance of "There's a Girl That I know".
I really love this song. It is up there with "Sweater Girl" and "I'm a Nerd"

There's a Girl That I Know

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