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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dead Week!!!!!

Me about to go on duty.
Notice the Red Shirt.
It’s dead week once again. This semester has flown by. It seems like only last week that school had started and now it is about over. Wow.

I want to thank all of the folks that have enjoyed my new CD, The Return of Whatever. It is great to have so many people download it and give me some positive comments. Also I have had some great comments on the Sci-Fi short film, The Timetorians.

This weekend I got to see three of the new plays in the playwriting festival with some great friends. The plays were great and all the actors were awesome as always. Watching all of these plays in a span of two days has made me want to finish my latest play. Acting for camera has taken time away from my writing. Next week I’ll write more about my thoughts of ‘Herbert the actor’ vs. ‘Herbert the playwright’. Then there is ‘Herbert the songwriter’ too.

Well I haven’t finished songwriting just because I released a CD last week, here is another song I wrote for the next CD. This song reminds me of a 1960’s bubble gum song. I hope you like it!

There’s a Girl That I Know 2.2 megs mp3

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Justin said...

Hey Herb,
New CD is very different...I LIKE IT ALOT! There are some very unique characterists that definately stand out on this one that I really enjoyed.

Man, you already one track into the next release....that's awesome!

Rock on!



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