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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Timetorians, Acting, Rocking out and Tree Fighting

The psychiatrist, the patient and the orderly.
Another busy week. “The Timetorians” shoot when great last Saturday. I want to thank all of the folks that came out and give me their all in this film project. This should be one of the best Sci-Fi movies I have made so far. There is a lot of dialogue, but this wasn’t suppose to be an action film. The good news is that there will be a lot of close ups of me in the film.

I shot a few pick up scenes through out the week so that I could have a bit more action and drama in the movie. I have the rough edit done today, I want to take some time on the sound effects and the soundtrack, so it maybe ready next weekend.

I was in my last vignette on Friday. This time I was the psychiatrist and I really had a chance to act. I had over two pages of dialogue and I had the great fortune to act against a great actress on my last time at bat. Someone that has a lot of talent can make others look good. It’s not easy playing a crazy person and she pull off a great performance. I'm sure that it is going to look great on film.

This one was the hardest vignette I acted in so far. It wasn’t the lines. It was the combination of the lines, the blocking and then the acting. I remembered the best piece of advice I have gotten from the acting for camera class, sound like yourself or else you aren’t going to be believable.

So I did that. I spoke the lines like I was talking to a friend. In my favorite television shows, the actors are saying the lines like they would say them as themselves.

That’s why when I use non-actors in my films, I don’t have them memorize lines. I tell them their lines and how they should feel. I think you are going to like the acting in “The Timetotians”.

Also on Friday I got to play a 45-minute set at Rita’s for DKX “Fight Cancer” show. They raised over $250. I can’t believe that I can play that long and only use my own songs. And I had had another twenty that I could’ve sung too. I guess I can play a three-hour show of only music. Wow!

I videotaped the show, so sometime next week I’ll post it up.

Here is a video of me fighting a tree.
Tree Fighting.

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