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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fool's Day 2006

Me about to be attacked by a vampire!
I hope that you have a happy April Fool's day. Hopefully no one will play a too funny of a prank on you today.

The thought of posting that I was casted as Captain for the next Star Trek show did cross my mind, but I decided that it wasn't that funny of a joke since one day it could happen. I can always hope.

I just got back a few hours ago from my first night shoot. This time I played a college professor that was stalked and attacked by a vampire. It was fun, I finally get a death scene. I only wished that I got more close ups.

In a few hours I should film my first large cast Sci-Fi movie. I can't wait, it should be fun. And I'll have a lot of close ups of me.

Here are a few live music videos of my songs. They were filmed at the Info Junction last Tuesday. It is fun to hear the background, when I'm playing live, I don't hear the crowd much over my singing.

This wasn't a perfect set, but I love the energy of these videos. If I drop a word no one cares if I'm rocking. And that's what I can do. Rock and Roll. I hope you like them!

Hippie Chick Girl

How Long, How Short

Sweater Girl

Another Great Short Movie by me.
Going Nowhere Fast. (Short Movie Starring Me!)

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