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Friday, April 14, 2006

Trooper, Hippie and Film Maker

The hippie guitarist and the Squad of StormTroopers! I'm the short one!12
Another fun week. TK560 had and event for the squad to go trooping in. So we all got in the StormTrooper garb, and as we came out of the elevator, we freak out some people when the door opened to reveal four StormTroopers in full armor and blasters in hand. Rock and Roll!!!

After three minutes of fame, we went outside to take some photos of the gang and all the cell phones went out to take photos of us. I must've taking ten photos with folks during the five minutes that we were outside. It was a great time, it always is when we get the boys in uniform.

At the arboretum today, the Happy Hippie Club got together and talked about the world and current events. I did a lot of talking and listening, it was fun to hear what others thought about the world and what the future would bring. Of course I know that humanity will surive and be better in the future, that's why I look towards it in most of my photos!

"The Timetorians" movie is done except the soundtrack. I think that I'll premiere my new Sci-Fi movie at 'the Happening' in May. Check back soon, I may post it on Google Video before that. And my next CD is almost done.

Here are some music videos that I shot after the rest of the hippies left.
I love Sundays

Hippie Chick Girl

Be True to Yourself

Here I'm in my Timetorian Uniform.
I can see colors as I time travel!!!!!

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