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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Be in one of my Sci-Fi Movies!

Be in one of my Sci-Fi Movies!
Have you ever wanted to be in a Sci-Fi? How about the dream of being in a Herbert Midgley, Sci-Fi film? Well now you can!!!

This is an open call to all that want to be in one of Herb's internet classic movies.

Come out and see a great film shot in two hours. It will be fun!

I'll shoot on Saturday April 1, 2006 at noon in front of the Music Bulding.

If it rains, we can film inside.

Please email or message me if you want to be in the movie or plan to show up. Last time I had one friend show up. If I can get at least 5 people, I can make this Sci-Fi movie.

I have the Sci-Fi clothes so you can show up dressed as people from the year 2006. If you want to be from the future, you can wear all black.

If I don't get enough folks that want to be in the movie, I'll still show up and film a sci-fi film with those that do. I have a lot of ideas.

I will cast the parts when we all meet.

The film will be a Sci-Fi Time flick.
I would need the 3-5 folks that are from the future to be in dressed in all black. I have coats that are from the future.

The folks from this time could wear anything. 4-15+ people.

I have a script, but I'm going to do like "Spinal Tap". I'll tell you what to say and let you say your lines anyway you want. That way I'll won't get anyone acting on film.

It should be alot of fun. The more the merrier!!!

Email, Facebook or Myspace me if you have any questions.

If you want to be in this film and can't act, no problem. I can't act either and I'm the star!!!!!

I think it would take 2 hours to film what I want to film. I know what I want.

Here is the screenplay that I have so far.



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