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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I can run 4.84 miles an hour

Me after the 5.5 mile run and a bike ride.
Those are my clothes and running shoes!
Today was another beautiful East Texas day. I didn’t have anything to do, which is rare for the old Captain. So I decided to go running.

Usually I run two to three miles a few times a week. Since I had nothing to do, other than run, I wanted to see how far I could run in one hour. I ran the concourse at SFA eleven times in sixty minutes. One time around the concourse is .44 miles.

.44 times 11 is 4.84 miles in one hour. Another five minutes later and I had run over five miles. I ran a total of twelve and half times around the track in one hour and eight minutes. That’s five and half miles boys and girls. I have never thought that I could run this far.

Last year I could barely run one mile. I feel stronger and I never get winded walking up and down the stairs. Now I can run up and down them without breathing heavy. I am also at least ten pounds lighter than last year. I may have to get a smaller Stormtrooper suit.

If you want to get in better shape, you can do it! Start small and see if you feel better. If you do, I bet you’ll find time to work out more. Walking and jogging are great. So get out there and exercise!

I have written and recorded the last song for my new CD. I hope you like it.

Hippie Chick Girl 2.8 megs Mp3

Hippies are cool.

If you missed me on the TV land William Shatner Documentary, you can catch it again on March 29, 2006 at 9 pm CST on TV Land. The documentary series is called "Living in TV Land".

One minute of Amit and Herb on the William Shatner Documentary.

This is the Videocast from the exhibit hall.

Here is the educational podcast we do every week.
The Return of Whatever

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Justin said...

I am disappointed I didn't know about that being on TV! I just now found out about it! I am sure it was pretty cool.

I need to start running too! Sounds like it's helping you alot and you're getting stronger and faster....and healthier to boot!



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