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Friday, March 24, 2006

Herb and Amit on the William Shatner Documentary

We are Trekkies!!
Amit and Herb are famous!!!!
Back in August of 2005, the Return of Whatever gang went to Las Vegas to attend the Star Trek Convention. While there, Amit and I got to meet William Shatner. We also shot a videocast from the exhibit hall. Bill's documentary crew saw us and taped us shooting the cast. And that is how Amit and Herb got to be on a William Shatner documentary. Another 20 seconds of fame for me.

What a dream come true. How many Star Trek fans get to met Bill much less star in a documentary about him? Dreams do come true to those who wait. Finally my life is complete. Everything from now on is icing on the cake.

On behave of the Return of Whatever gang, I want to thank you Bill for letting us be a part of your documentary. Thank you from one Captain to another.

If you missed the TV land William Shatner Documentary, you can catch it again on March 29, 2006 at 9 pm CST on TV Land. The documentary series is called "Living in TV Land".

One minute of Amit and Herb on the William Shatner Documentary.

This is the Videocast from the exhibit hall.

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