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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

No Valentine for me this year.
Anyone what to buy some year old candy?
I’m not going to tell you how much I hate or love Valentine’s Day. If you have a special someone to share Valentine’s Day with, more power to you.

I’m not going to emo about all those people that are alone today either. If you are alone, you are just as good of a person than if you had a date on Valentine’s Day. And I bet you have more money and sanity too. Also a lot less drama in your life as well.

What I do want to talk about is how we perceive holidays. Most holidays don’t really mean anything. A day is a day, it doesn’t matter if it Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day or the most normal day of the year. They all have twenty-four hours in them. A sunrise and sunset. Everyday is the same. Every year is the same. Every millennium is the too.

So do you really need a day to tell someone you love them? Shouldn’t you do this everyday of the year? If not in words, surely in action.

If everyday is special, then you need to live everyday to the fullest as possible. Enjoy a great day outside. Smile at someone that looks like they need one. Tell someone how you feel about them. Be in awe of life.

I want to tell all of my blog readers thank you. I really enjoy writing and if I didn’t have people reading my words, this blog would only be letters on the web. All of you are special to me.

One piece of advice for all of you that celebrate Valentine’s Day. Wait until next week to celebrate it, that way you can get a box of candy for 90% off. That box I’m holding up there cost me 30 cents last year a week after Valentine’s Day. That’s right, I think of some of my blog post a year in advance. Anyone what to buy a year old box of candy, because I don’t eat refined sugar. Perhaps you could give it someone that cares about you.

Here is a new song.
For either Groundhog Day or Valentine’s Day, you can choose.
In This Letter 3.6 megs mp3


John said...


You don't eat refined sugar? What do you think is in the sauce on those wings you knocked down? It's hard to get away from refined sugar and unless you make all of your meals and never eat out it almost can't be avoided. I eat too much refined sugar and unfortunately I'm not as determined to make a conscious effort like you are to try and avoid it.


wolfgangamadeusmozart said...

i agree. v day is a made up holiday. you shouldn't need a made up holiday to celebrate the people in your life.

nice picture

Herbert said...

I try hard not to eat refined sugar. I say that I eat 90% less than most people do.

Carol Spurlock said...

nOkay so we have a Valentine's Day. Why not enjoy it? I don't have a "special someone" for Valentine's Days but I use the day to think extra more about my family. I try to not fight as much as I would with them on other days. But, I do believe we don't really need the holiday nor Groundhogs. I think the groundhog sees his shadow every year. Maybe you should make a blog on that Midgley.



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