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Friday, February 10, 2006

My first real day on a film set

Here I am on the set.
Man I look great!
As you all know I have been making Sci-Fi and fan films for the past seven years. I have no budget, so my films are low tech. Usually it's just me and the camera, sometimes a trash can to fight.

So I signed up for the acting for camera class hoping to learn some new stuff for my movies. After the first day on the set, I am blown away!

There are people everywhere and they all pretty much know what they are doing. Everyone treated me every kindly even though everything is crazy on the set. Lights, cables and people are all over. It is a chore to not trip over something.

Ok, you all know that I'm not really an actor. In the scene that was filmed today, I only had five lines. Easy huh? No!

With all the setup, you are hoping not to drop your lines. You have to do the same lines over and over again. Sometimes with the same actions, other times just a bit different.

After each take, they yell out to the director, print! If it was good you hear print. If you or something got messed up you hear NG. No one told me, but I figured out the NG stands for Not Good. I heard NG a few times, and it was because of me not saying the lines with director's interpretation. There should be a new line AS, Actor Sucks. At least I didn't hear DKL, Doesn't Know Lines. I knew my lines.

I had a lot of fun filming today. I can only hope that they can use some of my work. I was there for two and half hours to shoot a one minute scene. That's a lot of time to think through your lines and what you are doing there.

This is a lot of fun, I bet I get to do this again. I'm a natural.


SjN said...

Okay Herb,
Speaking of trash cans. What I would LOVE to see is a remake of Death Stairs AFTER your training. Sort of a "Death Stairs Redux..."

Right now, when I watch Death Stairs, I need to go into seclusion and process what I just watched! Pondering the intracasies of the piece. Kind of like a Vulcan. It would be interesting to see what changes you would make and how your training will change the overall feel of the movie.

By the way, GREAT ROW Episode 37!
Hope your having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Herbi, looks like you got a feel for what it's like to act in front of the camera, eh? Scary isn't it? So much pressure with all the set up everyone does for it, but it sure is fun huh? And the SFA film peeps are great! I bet you'll be a star in no time :-)

Herbert said...

I am a superstar!!!!



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