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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Me at TMEA, Alamo and Screenplay

Me jamming in front of the Alamo.
I couldn't find the basement.
Well after twelve hours on the road this week, I'm back in Nac. TMEA was great. I attended many sessions have learned a lot of new material that I can use in my classes.

This is the fourth time that I got present a session at TMEA. And this year I got to teach two sessions on music technology. Wow, what an honor.

On Thursday it was a nice bright and warm day in San Antonio. I decided to make another great music video. You will see the Alamo behind me. There are a lot of visitors at 6pm, so you can hear a lot of background noise, it is still a cool video and idea. I hope that you like it.

The acting class is going great. It still takes a lot of work to memorize the lines. This is getting a bit easier. We got to see the rushes of the footage that was shot last week. I looked better on screen than what I thought I would since that day was so crazy. The part I played looked believable to me. I can’t wait to see what I will look like in the next film.

I wrote a screenplay for my class. We have ten people in the class, so I wrote a part for everyone. It was written in only a few days, so it isn’t my best work, it is a fun story and I know that we could shoot it all in the classroom. I think that we’ll get a chance to shoot it this semester. I’ll post it here for you to read.


If I Could Only Music Video in front of the Alamo.
If I Could Only mp3

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