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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl and I don't care?

I may not care about football this year,
But I love the 80's.
Hall and Oates rocks!
This season I decided that I wouldn't watch one minute of pro football. I have too much creative stuff to do. Writing songs, classical compositions, performing, making my sci-fi movies and writing plays use up most of my free time. I also have my day job too. And I still play a few video games from time to time. I still rule at Dr. Mario of course.

So this year as a most of the country watches the game, I bet that I'll be working on making some more sci-fi movies. Scripts, props, music and of course my acting all need to be honed to make an epic. Death Stairs didn't just happen. I can remember the first time this movie was shown at a movie festival. Everyone was speechless. Yeah.

We all have our hobbies, so if football is yours, I hope that you have great time watching the game. Maybe I'll watch next year's game. I may still have too much stuff to do.

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Anonymous said...

Someday we'll have to see who rules more at Dr. Mario.

--Stupid Dufus



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