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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Ground Hog Day!

The real reason everyone loves me.
When your computer is broken,
You're calling me!
I hope that your Ground Hog Day is going great this year! It seems like it was only Ground Hog Day a year ago. Where does the time fly to? Well in any case, I hope that all of your Ground Hog activities go great this year. Remember to call all of your friends and family and wish them a happy Ground Hog Day. That special someone will feel bad if you forget to wish them a happy Ground Hog Day! And that would be wrong.

It was a rainy day. I love the rain. Rain to me means life, without water there is no Earth. So don't complain about rain. Complain when there isn't any rain!

Songs have been flowing out of me so fast during the last few months, it's hard to keep track of them. This is my latest song. I came up with the title line while driving. When I bike ride or run, my mind isn't thinking of all things that we all worry about. My thoughts are free so my creative juices are flowing! I really need to be alone to create my music and writings. There can't be any drama in my life or around me for me to write my songs or plays.

I hope you like my new song. It is in a minor key, which means it sounds a bit more sad then a song in a major or happy key. Since I write Emo music, it doesn't matter they all sound winey. Do I really write Emo songs? I still don't think that I do.

And again Happy Ground Hog Day!

Here is my new song:
If I Could Only... 3.5 megs mp3

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