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Monday, February 27, 2006

Rita's Music Fest 2006

It has been too long since
you all have seen me in my
Sandtrooper armor.
I was invited to play a set at the Rita's Music Fest 2006 last Saturday. My camcorder was filming, so you all get a chance to see me rock out. Or emo out.

Too be honest, when I play live it is hard to tell if you sound like you think you do. After watching the video, I must say that I am singing in tune and I sound fine. Over the last two years my voice is a lot stronger and I like the tone color too. And the songwriting is better as well.

My songs sound better when I play them live. There is a crowd to feed off. I can react to the audience. And they can react to me. Thanks to all of my friends that were there to support me and live music in East Texas.

Check out my set. It is twenty minutes long, I am playing songs that are going to be on my next CD, but there are a few old time favorites. I'm sure you can guess what song I close with. After watching you'll know why they call it 'live music'.

Rita's Music Fest 2006

The photo of me in the sandtrooper armor is made possible because of Jim and Heath. Heath made the ammo pouches, holster and the pauldron. Heath they look great! Jim, as you know, designed the whole suit, blasters and there I am with a new helmet he made for the project. The brow is a bit higher, it makes me look taller.

Here I am in all of my five foot five glory!
Tell the truth, I do look a bit taller with
the sandtrooper suit on, right?

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