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Friday, March 03, 2006

More Acting!

More of me to act.
A busy week in my acting world. I was a general with a happy face on Sunday. Then I got to see the vignette we shot last week. Man it looked great, and I got the first and last lines in the film. They know where the talent is. I looked great on film.

Today I was an obese physician. Putting on the fat suit makes it harder to act. When I got there, everything was set up, they were waiting on me. I was able to put on the suit on within ten minutes, not as fast as I put on the Stormtrooper suit but faster then what they thought for sure.

This week I have been working on my acting in front of the camera every night. I knew the lines, so I was working the craft of my performance. These are only student vignettes, I pretended that they are scenes from a real Hollywood movie. I am putting 110% into every line I say. If you can't see my emotion on the screen, I'm not doing my job. If you don't want to look at me on screen or care about me, no one cares what you are saying.

On the set everything is always busy. Lights, cables and people are everywhere. Then you have to act when they shout out action. A few times I saw someone in the background smiling and looking like there are laughing. It could've been the way I looked, the way I was delivering the lines or something that didn't relate to me.

In any case for one moment I lost my concentration and I flubbed a line. This is why acting is so hard, you have to be perfect every time no matter what. A professional can act through anything and still be in character.

So my third vignette went well. I feel that the film class appreciates that I know my lines and that I take the acting part serious. So anytime they need an older male actor they will cast me. I can play physicians, attorneys, business men, cops, heavies, teachers and of course Starfleet Captains. Give me a few lines and I'll steal the show with my part. I'm that good. Ask anyone that has seen my work.

If you missed it, here I am at Rita's Music Fest 2006 on Google Video.

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