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Friday, February 24, 2006

Me Acting behind the Table

Notice that I'm the center of attention.
As always, I steal the show with my talent.
I just got done with my second vignette. It is still a lot of work to learn the lines, it was a bit easier this time. Try this, bounce a ball while saying your lines. If you can do this while saying your lines, you know them good enough for the set. Brad Maule told us this in class, I tried it and it does work.

Call time for me was at 3:30. I got there a bit early to make sure I was on time. Being on time is very important to me, always be on time unless you are abducted by aliens on the way to work. It's a good thing that I'm Starfleet. Well anyways I got there early.

Me and the other actors were talking while we waited. We did rehearse the lines a few times with the director. Then there was a lot of waiting. And more waiting. Then finally more waiting.

About 5 we went in. By now I have gone over the lines so many times it feels like I don't know them anymore. Well I was joking around, I am very funny you know, between takes. Always the class clown, but as soon as "Action" is called, I am on the task. Focused and stealing the show.

This time no "NG's" were called. We all knew our lines so we heard only "Print". Great! I want to make sure that if the vignette is bad, it's not due to me not knowing my lines.

It took a little over an hour to tape my lines. And I had a lot of fun again. I can't wait until the next one.

Here are the songs that I recorded this week if you haven't heard them.

So, So What? 1.7 megs Mp3

Coffeehouse Worker 2.3 megs Mp3

What's Her Name? 2.4 megs Mp3

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You Rock Mr. Midgley!



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