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Monday, February 20, 2006

Real Life Uses of Music Technology for Music Educators

Me teaching at TMEA
Here is the video of me teaching at TMEA. It is one hour and ten minutes long. If you ever wanted to watch me teach music technology, here is your chance. It is a large file, give it a few minutes to load.

Here is the powerpoint if you want to view that too. TMEA 2006

Here is a the music video of me in front of the Alamo.
If I Could Only Music Video in front of the Alamo.

If I Could Only mp3 version

TMEA 2006 Music Technology session Video


Read my screenplay.

1 comment:

SjN said...

Very interesting lecture Herb.
One of the main things I've noticed while listening to you do your thing is how much you've incorporated subjects that have been discussed here on ROW into your teachings. It's just another testament to the advantages of having this GREAT podcast!

That leads me to a question, how much do you incorporate ROW subjects into your everyday lectures in the classroom and do your students take advantage of ROW for their studies?

Great Job My Friend,
Shawn (SjN)



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