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Friday, January 06, 2006

My Time Off

A tire change on my bike.
I have put a lot of miles on this bike,
so it was time to change the tire.
This has been a restful week. I went to watch a movie, rested at home, worked my current play and wrote some more music. Then I rocked the house at open mike night.

The weather has been so nice that I'm able to run again. Of all the workouts that I do, nothing gets you more fit than running. When I can't run, I do feel it all week. Doing push-ups all day long is great but I pay the piper when I run.

I have had a lot of folks download my Nerd Kung-Fu movie. Most of the comments have been positive. All I have to say is that I love making my short movies. I can definitely say that I can make movies. They may only be 'B', 'C' or maybe 'F' movies but I can tell a story with images. And I have a lot of fun making them. Remember for a three minute it takes about 12 hours to edit the movie. So next time you watch a two hour long movie, well you can do the math.

One thing that I hear a lot is that 'I would make a great movie if only I had....'. Insert whatever you think you might need. I believe the only way to create is to go out there and make something. Being a trained classical music composer taught me this fact. I could study scores all day long, but until I composed something on my own, I would never know what I could or couldn't do.

I have had people tell me that you can't do this or that. 'You can't write a novel.' Well I did. 'You can't compose a symphony.' I did that too. 'You can't write a play.' I have done that a lot. 'You can't act.' Well you can be the judge of that. 'You can't make movies.' You all know that I have made a lot of movies.

I also hear this a lot. 'You can't write a song as good as the Beatles.' Maybe not. That doesn't matter, I create because I feel the need. It's not a competition with anyone. If Beethoven felt they way about Mozart's music, imagine all of his work that we wouldn't have never heard. If the Beatles felt this way about Buddy Holly, there wouldn't have been any of their great music. In time, my music may prove to be great. The emo folk rock music that I write may one day start a new fad. Or not.

'You have a lot of typos on your blog.' Ok, perhaps that's true. You write as much stuff as I do, create as much work as I do and see if you never make a mistake! If I spend ten hours reading every blog post over and over, I would never have anytime to make movies or write music! I figure people which take the time to read my blog would forgive me for the small mistakes if they can download my movies, music or plays.

So to the naysayers out there, quit flapping your lip and go out there and make something! Anything, then you can talk to me. With out that, we don't have a point of reference to talk.

Here is link to my new song.

She's Not the Girl for You!
3.7 megs mp3

Here is the soundtrack to the "I Got Game" movie. I have had a lot folks tell me they love the music to this movie. So here you go.
I Got Game soundtrack 3.4 megs mp3

And if you haven't seen my new Nerd Kung-Fu movie. You have to see it. Tell all of your friends too.
I Got Game 14.6 megs QT mov

Here are few other links to the "I Got Game" movie
Google Video link
Revver link

Me and my new toy. The force is indeed strong in this one!

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Jeff Lochmann said...

Jeff Lochmann here. I was asked to let you know that Guy Vizard is currently scouring the countryside in an attempt to locate you.

Now I'm gonna watch that Kung Fu movie...



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