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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The First Song I Wrote in the Morning

This is how I feel after
I fix a computer.
Most musicians that I know are night owls. I claim that I do my best writing in the wee hours of the morning before I go to sleep. This morning I got up early, at 7am. Well that's early to me.

I woke up with the first line of a song. So I got up and wrote the song, put chords to it, recorded and posted it on my website all before 8:30am. This is the first song that I have composed this early.

I hope that you like it. At times I forget that not everyone can write songs. And I am glad that I have my fans that come to my blog to hear them. Thanks!

Time Can Heal all Wounds 3.5 megs mp3

This is how I feel when a computer doesn't work.


SjN said...

Herb, 'Time Can Heal All Wounds' is off the hook! And your telling me you put that whole thing together in an hour and a half???

Now THATS talent my friend.

Keep up that great work. You keep me coming back for more.

Another thing I'd kill for is a high quality version of the I'm A Nerd video with Social Bliss!!

You Da Man Herb!

Anonymous said...

Herb, explain why it is so hard to write a song. i write songs and i think it is easy. -Chris

Herbert said...

It is hard to write a good song.
I have written many songs and I like all of them.
It is when you write songs that everyone likes that you know that you are being true to yourself.

Keep writing and I hope that you will have many songs that you and your friends will enjoy like I do.



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