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Friday, January 20, 2006

More Emo songs for you, the end of the first week

Lost in the Trees.
I'm glad I have my Axe with me.
This has been one of my best first weeks I have ever had. All of my classes have gone great and the folks in them are great people. It makes my life as a teacher better when everyone wants to be there. I can't wait to share my knowledge and learn from these folks as well.

I have been writing songs this week. During the breaks, I work on plays. During school I mainly compose music. And make sci-fi movie shorts.

"Ten Feet Away", I came up with the first line right before I was going to sleep. I wrote the song a few minutes later so that I wouldn't lose the energy. I recorded the demo that night and the final version the next day.

"Sweater Girl" is my version of "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles. It is really a punk song. The lyrics are pure, raw and the music is simple. You could take out the sweater and put in anything that someone does too much.

Some folk I bet believe that I'm into Star Trek too much. There is a reason. I believe in the future and so does Star Trek. You have to understand that Star Trek isn't a fad, it's a phenomenon!

Why? Why do so many folks love Star Trek so much? I believe it's because it Star Trek is the best Science Fiction that has ever been made. I can hear some folks gasp at this comment. Star Trek is the first Science Fiction series that sees the future as something positive. Almost all Science Fiction is negative. But Star Trek gives us all hope that humanity will not only survive, but thrive as well. One day we will all work together to better the world and humanity.

So if you don’t know anything about Star Trek, these are a few good links to learn more about Star Trek. You may have to know this info one day, so you might as well learn it now.
The wikipedia Star Trek link
Star Trek FAQ
Episode guide/

Here are my emo songs:

Sweater Girl 2.1 megs mp3

Ten Feet Away 3.6 megs mp3

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