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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The First Day Back

Before and After my Beard.
This was a great first day back to school. It is a great sign when everything goes well the first day. I can't wait for this semester to get into full swing!

Seeing everyone look so ready to get back to learning is always great to see. It makes my job easier.

Most folks believe that I am better off without the beard. It looks like me when I look into the mirror in the morning.

Perhaps in a few more years I can grow a full beard. This is the best that my beard has ever looked. Time can fix most problems. And in the end, things always work out. They always do.

This is the stupidest video that I have made.
Three minutes of me shaving my beard off.
It took me a month to grow and 11 minutes to shave away.
The music is the best thing, but it is something funny to watch.

WolfMan to Man
8.7 megs mov

WolfMan to Man Music 2.9 megs mp3


Anonymous said...

No offense, but making a video of yourself shaving, some people would say is weird.---Jamar

Lauren said...

This was a pretty cool little video. With the effects and the music it really did take something mundane and made it fun to watch.



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