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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Happening, Play, Song and Dead Week

Me in front of the Happening poster.
Well it is Dead week and I can't believe what a roller coaster of a semester it has been. I have written a lot get songs, plays and make a few sci-fi movies. And I still rock the house at Rita's on Thursday nights.

For those that can't make it out to see me perform there, you are in luck. This Friday (12-9-05) at 6pm in the Music Recital Hall I am presenting the 2nd Happening. I will play a long with some great friends. Chris, Jeremy, Ben, Passenger Airbag and Scott are going to perform as well. This Happening has the theme of an open mike night. I can't wait and I hope that if you are in Nac you will attend. Because a Happening can't happen with you!

This year songs have been flowing out of me. I have lived a lot of life this semester, so I have a lot of material to draw upon. I hope that you like my new song. And what is that you hear, yeah it's Herbert on the Harp! This is the first song that I will play Bob Dylan style.

I just got done with another play. I have been working on this one act for about three weeks now and it's finished. I had a hard time figuring way to end it, but I closed like Chekhov would've. I bet you'll dig the ending. Yeah!

I hope you like my new song and play. Let me know what you think! All I have to say it is great to be alive and share my work with the world! With the internet, none of my stuff has to stay on the shelf. It is open for all the world to read, see and listen to.

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