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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

80's, Music Videos, iMovie and Pearl Harbor

I wish I had iMovie back in the 80's
This week is 80's week in rock history. I have been watching a lot of videos from the 80's this week to get ready for it. Well I got up this morning and wrote two songs, and as I opened the door, it was a beautiful day. So right there I knew I had to make another video. It is well known that everyone loves the videos I make. Right?

The last few days I have been writing a ton of songs, so I picked two of them to make a few videos. The one thing that I loved about the music videos in the 80's was how simple they were. They had a few effects, but like me today, they had no real budget. It is great to make a cool video with only your brain. If I had iMovie back in the 80's, I would've been a star like Hall and Oates with "Private Eyes".

I hope that you like my work!
You Can't Look into My Eyes Anymore 9.4megs mov
This took me four hours to edit.

Goodbye 6.4 megs mov
Just me in front of an organ singing.

Here is a new song to jam to. No video yet.
Roller Coaster 3.9 mp3

Here are the mp3s if you what to hear them without the video.
Goodbye 3.4 mp3

You Can't Look into My Eyes Anymore 4.6 mp3

Again this Friday (12-9-05) at 6pm in the Music Recital Hall I am presenting the 2nd Happening. I will play a long with some great friends. I hope that you can make it! It will make you smile.

Today as I hope most of you know is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The last time I was there, it was a powerful experience. Oil drops still float to the surface from the USS Arizona. In sank in 1941 and 64 years later oil still leaks. I always remember that my freedom comes was paid by all the brave soldiers that lost their lives. I'll never forget their sacrifice. Thank you all that defend and defended the USA.

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