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Friday, December 02, 2005

Airplanes, Taxis, Cars, Technology Session and Songs

Me after my TAHPERD session.
Some weeks are not busy then there are weeks when I'm busy the whole week! This was one. I got invited to present a session on music technology for the TAHPERD convention. It was in Corpus Christi, which is a long drive from Nac. So I decided to fly out of Houston. Plus at the time I booked the flight, gas was three dollars and it was cheaper to fly than drive.

So I drove to Houston and got on the plane. I was asked to the sit at the emergency exit because the guy that was sitting there didn't speak English. Who would have ever guessed that my English classes would have paid off! Maybe one day I'll go to England to use my English.

It was a smooth flight. Then I got a taxi to my hotel. Ate a Denny's, then went to sleep.

In the morning there was a free make your own waffle breakfast, so I ate two of them. I turned on the laptop and there was free wifi provided by the city! Wow. It said it was free until December 30th, so I was in like Flynn with free internet to check the email.

The off to the Convention center. The USS Lexington was right in front! You know I took a photo in front of it! It's not the Enterprise, but she was a fine ship.

The TAHPERD session went great. We had a good 35 folks that attended and stayed the entire time. I show iTunes, Garageband and Audacity. Since dance educators deal with music all the time, showing them how to make their own royalty free music was of great interest to them. When I saw "the light bulbs" turn on in their eyes, this made the trip worth while.

I sometimes take it for granted that I can do all of this tech stuff with so much easy. It's a gift. I'm the Mozart of music technology. Wow!

At the airport I was able to get on a earlier flight, so I got home a few hours earlier. It was another smooth 45 minute flight. Clear sailing on the way back to Nac in my stang.

Before my trip, I was been in song writing mode. I hope you like them. I wrote "Not Home Yet" on the flight back! My first song at 19,000 feet!

She Wants What She Can't Have
Not Home Yet

And if you haven't seen my new Star Wars movie, here are the links:
The Last Battle H264
The Last Battle mpeg4
The Last Battle Quicktime

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