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Friday, December 23, 2005

Fall 2005 (It's over)

This sums up my semester.
I'm trying to figure stuff out.
If only my tricorder was working.
This was the roller coaster semester. It was the coolest semester ever and the saddest one too. Rita made everything a bit crazy, I never felt like we got too behind but I did miss having that extra week. It is hard to teach when people are worried about their families because of the hurricane. I understand.

I also met some great people and got to hang out with some old friends too. I had a lot of fun rocking at Rita's. I have a lot great material to write about for a long time. All I can say is stay tune for more songs and plays! I hope one day someone will see one of my plays live. Next year I'm going to have to film one instead of doing so many sci-fi films.

The Guitar Class in action. I'm ready to Rock!
Well as my tradition, I'll pick the class I had the most fun in, this year it is the Guitar class. We all had a great time and had a lot of fun. I hope that all the guitarist will continue to practice and one day come out and play open mike night! Right hand floats, you all!

I'm the one guy in the photo.
I the 350 was a runner up. It is always hard to get a group of non-music majors to make music, but some how they always can at the end of the semester. Ladies, I wish you all well when you are teaching and you may hear my voice like Master Yoda, when you need to integrate music in your lesson plans. The question of the day is....

This is the CD cover, I photoshoped me in. Ben that's for you!
The 460 rocked this year. We only met for 15 weeks, but man we got a lot done this year. The class made a CD, music video and a webpage to promote the CD. Rock and Roll! I post links in a few weeks.

Wow 122 friends in this photo!
I love teaching the Rock class. It is so hard to get anyone to talk in a class this big. The last month of class, I had some great comments. I only wish the whole semester could've been full of great debate. I don't want to be the only one talking!

Making beats is fun!
The 362 class is fun to teach. Everyone wants to be a producer. At the end of the course, most folks realize how hard it is to make a song. To make a song that is illin', is 1,000,000,000 times harder!! It is hard to make a classic like the "I'm a Nerd" song.

I wish all of my friends that take the classes that teach well. I hope you notice I said friends, I don't think of people that listen to me talk for 15 weeks as students. We are all friends and I hope that they got something out of the class. If not, I hope that they have learn something about themselves.

Have a great life to all of my friends that I'll never see again. And if you want to know what I'm up to, to know me is to know my blog.

And I finally got Myspace account. Here is the link if you want to share my music with others. Myspace link. I can't believe that I have a Myspace account. Most of the Myspace links I get make me go into an Epileptic seizure. Talk about web designs that are bad. But to each is their own. If you want to have a 1000 animated gifs dancing around your page with horrible music, rock and roll.

And happy holidays!!!!!! Go and watch some Star Trek!!!!

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