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Monday, December 12, 2005

Have a Nerdy Christmas! The CD!

Have a Happy Christmas!
I have for some time wanted to record a Christmas CD. I had a free Saturday afternoon, so I did. If you have ever wanted to hear me play your favorite Christmas Carols on guitar and hear me sing them, you are in luck this year!

I hope that you enjoy all of this Christmas music. Remember that I recorded the entire album and made the CD cover in one day. Sometimes I forget that I am able to do this type of thing in one day. Technology plays a major part of this, can you imagine if Buddy Holly or Mozart had these toys to play with? What music would have they composed?

If you have been good this year, maybe you'll get a CD from me. If you live too far away or don't know me, you can download them for free. I truly hope you enjoy these Christmas Carols. You have to hear the title track that I wrote, "Have a Nerdy Christmas". If you are a fan of the "I'm a Nerd" song, I bet you'll enjoy it!

Have A Nerdy Christmas CD
by Herbert Midgley

1. Silent Night mp3 2.5 megs
2. O Christmas Tree mp3 1.5 megs
3. Good King Wenceslas mp3 1.5 megs
4. Jingle Bells mp3 1.4 megs
5. Joy to the World mp3 2 megs
6. Hark! The Heard Angels Sing mp3 2 megs
7. O Come, All Ye Faithful mp3 2 megs
8. Angels We Have Heard on High mp3 2.3 megs
9. Deck the Halls mp3 1.3 megs
10. Away in the Manger mp3 1.6 megs
11. The First Nowell mp3 1.3 megs
12. Have a Nerdy Christmas mp3 1.7 megs

Here is the link for the CD cover. 2.8 megs jpeg

Here is the link of all of the mp3s zip in one folder.
19.5 megs zip file

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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Justin said...

Herb, glad to see you're still recording and putting stuff out there. YOU ROCK MAN! Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy your break (as us students will also!)

See ya next semester

Anonymous said...

The first Novell, the admin did say...

Anonymous said...

Herb, if you publish this I will have nothing but good things to say, we can get along if you are willing.



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