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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Last Battle (New Star Wars Fan Film)

Here is the link to my new Star Wars fan film.
The Last Battle H264
The Last Battle mpeg4
The Last Battle Quicktime

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What do you do after you eat a lot of turkey on Thanksgiving? Sleep? Get ready to go shopping? Or make a Star Wars fan film? Well I chose the later.

We shot this footage in the summer when it was hot!! School started and I didn't have any time to put into editing the footage. Well this holiday I had a lot of free time. There is only so many times I can tell the folks how happy I am here to see them without getting kicked out of the house! So I put about fifteen hours into editing this two minute movie. That's right, fifteen hours! I think that most folks that haven't made a movie can't understand. To make something that looks even half way good, you have to spend hours in the editing room or in my case on the computer.

I wanted to make this film a bit different than my last Star Wars fan film, The Last Stand. The same idea but the story is different. I also wanted to have a firefight like you have never seen before. The blaster effects took a good six or seven hours to put in, and I know it ain't perfect, but you get the idea of what I wanted to show. I'm not completely happy with the music either, but is works for a two minute movie. I came close to making some techno track in Garageband, but it didn't feel right for a Star Wars fan film.

Special thanks to Heath, Lance, Larry, Randy and of course Jim who without his great prop making skills, I would be running around with a real bucket on my head.

You can't believe how fun it is to do this. And you can't believe how draining it is too! I love it, so look for more movies down the line. I hope you like it and of course comments are always welcomed if done in a friendly manner. Unless you have made a movie, you have no idea how hard it is to do this. Trust me, it has taking me seven years to be able to make a movie this good. Don't believe me, well go out there and make a movie and email me the link!

Some more photos from the film

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Anonymous said...

Herb, you should make other kinds of movies, not just Starwars.-Sarah



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