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Thursday, December 08, 2005

John Lennon & The Happening

Imagine what would've happened.
Today John Lennon was killed 25 years ago. It would have been great to hear the music that John would have written if he wasn't killed. Tonight at open mike night, I played "Imagine" in tribute of this great songwriter.

One day I hope I will write a song as great as "Imagine". And the world will live as one, one day too. Maybe one day. Once humanity grows out of our infancy.

On Friday "The Happening" is happening at 6pm in the Music Recital Hall. It should be fun and this is good chance to hear me play as well as a lot of great musicians that are in East Texas. We all hope you can make it.

Social Bliss has invited me to open for them this Saturday at Headliners at 9pm range. It should be a twenty minute set. Thanks guys, I need to rock out to end this dead week. Social Bliss you rock hard! And you know that I got your back any time you need help.

One final comment, music makes this life worth living. Amen.

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