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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Trooper Game and Radio interview

Me and the Boys at the Game as
The Football teams runs in for Half-Time

It was a some half-time show. Lance, Heath and I met up and got ready for the show. We had a few people look at us before the half-time show. We really didn't know what we were going to do. The cool thing was that we were all trooped up when the half-time began. So as both football teams ran in, they all saw three Stormtrooper with blasters. They didn't say anything to us, we all agreed it was because their coaches were there. We didn't have any problems.

We all walked out to the field and still didn't know what we were able to do. We were behind the band, Heath and I traded spots at the 40 line while Lance stood still at the 50 most of the time. When the Star Wars music was over, we moved off the field and waited for the half-time show to be over. The vistor team came running in, but again we didn't have any problems. We took some photos then took off the garb. It was fun. And it wasn't too hot and it didn't rain!

Here is some footage of us standing around.
Do you dig the music, I made that too!
Troopers on Duty

The Computer America radio interview went great! I hope I can be a guest again. They played my "I'm a Nerd", so some more folks got to hear my song. The interview went fast, but they were really nice and I did have fun.

Here is the link the radio interview.
Herbert on the Radio

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