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Monday, November 21, 2005

This week in my life

Me looking towards the future.
In Starfleet, I'm always on duty.

It seems like everyone is ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. With everyone ready to get out of Dodge, it is hard to get folks to focus on school and work. That's fine, of course to a Klingon, you life is your work and there are no holidays while you are on duty. Klingons are cool.

I got to play at the open mike at the Info Junction where I got to play a few originals that I haven't had a chance to perform. At open mike night at Rita's I was requested to play "Hey Jude", so I did a cover set and rocked the crowd. It is great to know that I can rock the crowd when I want or have to.

My friend James is graduating, so I have help him put some music to a few of his songs before he leaves. On Friday I had some time and I had an idea for a quick punk type song. What came up from this session is"Scarf Girl". I hope you like it. I came up with the music and the chorus and a few of the other lines, James came up with the rest.

Also I have a date for the next Happening, December 9, 2005 at 6pm in the Recital Hall. I plan to play and hope to get a few more friends to perform. It would be great to find some visual artists, poets, actors or dancers. If I only have musicians that's fine, next semester I'll plan the Happening earlier. I just feel like playing some of my songs and this is a good excuse to do so. I had a lot of fun at the last Happening, the fun part is that I'm not sure what is going to happen at the Happening. If you are in town, you should come by and watch it.

Also I made the Pinelog once again, no story on me this time, but I think folks dug my photo.


Ben Shallenberger said...

Herb... you can't have your happening that night! It's the night of the Messiah! You're goona take all our audience! LOL I know people will want to go to yours instead of ours!

Anonymous said...

Herb, Starfleet is not real, therefore you are not, nor have you ever been on duty, sorry

Anonymous said...

If your song was on Stupidvideos.com you can not be very proud, the people who saw it just made fun of it.Sorry.



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