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Monday, October 10, 2005

Plays, Parking Garage and Open Mike Nites

Me on top of SFA's Parking garage

Well another great week. My classes are going well, it looks like we are back in to the swing of things after the hurricane.

At the open mike night at Rita's I played guitar on a song that James wrote called "Riptide". He got a big kick out of it. It makes me feel good that I can make up a guitar part on the spot. All I do at open mike night is fake the guitar on most of the covers that I play. Trust me, it is a talent to do this on the spot and sound good.

On Saturday I played an open mike show when the band that was booked broke their drums. Mel was there and I asked her to play and sing. When I played guitar and she sung, it sounded great. When I was doing everything, it sounded like Herbert playing guitar and singing. It was fun even though only about twenty people were there.

I went to go see the play "Anton in Show Business" with a friend on Friday and I was blown way how great the play was. I know a lot of the students that were in it and it is amazing to see them take on a role and you believe it! All the words they have to memorize and the sets always blow me away. I can't wait for "The Tempest". I bet that I could play the part of 'The Tempest', I am that great of an actor. I wished I would've played that part back in High School. I bet that I would've been a good 'Much Ado About Nothing' too. Oh well.

There is a new parking garage on campus so I rode my bike to the top and coast back down. That was fun. But don't try that at home, remember that I am a professional! And a Starfleet officer.

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Nick Reynolds said...

Love the play!

Also, biking to 25mph is very fun.



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