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Monday, October 03, 2005

More Songs and things are getting back to normal

Me looking cool!
A week has went by since Rita hit Nacogdoches and things are back to normal for most folks. I am so surprised that without air condition, people that are normally happy go lucky turn to sad depressed humans. It is hard to imagine East Texas without air condition in the summer. I personally try not to use the air condition until I go to sleep. This is because I'm cheap. At one time, there was not any air condition in East Texas and surprise, people lived here and didn't complain.

I have been in a song writing mode for the last few weeks. I hope it last, then I'll have a new CD out by early next year! If you haven't done so, go check out my new CD.

Why Do you Care?

I Like the Way that You Are.

How Long,How Short

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