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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ophelia the Song

I look a bit British, right?
I try not to post much during the week, but I had to get this song out ASAP! As most of you know, I am musician but I am also a great actor. Way better then James, that's for sure.

Well anyways, I also write plays, so I study them while acting out scenes. I have for the last few weeks been studying Hamlet. I have been working on Act 3 Scene 1, that's the "To be or not to be" scene. What I love is right after the monologue, the interaction between Hamlet and Ophelia. This is in my opinion the most power part of the play. Hamlet talks about the end of humanity "Let's have no more marriages", back then the only way you could have children was through marriage! So if no one got married, that was it for humanity! This is deep, so deep for back then. So I have been working on this scene, I hope to find someone to act this out with me, then I'll put it on the web for the whole world to see just how great of an actor I am!

Well until then, I wrote a great song about this scene. I recorded two versions, one is the standard guitar and one is with me playing piano. At one time I use to practice piano four hours a day!!!! Those were the days when I didn't work full time and went to college. I miss those times, but I hope you will enjoy all those years of practice.

Ophelia The Guitar version

Ophelia The piano version

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