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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Riding the Bull, Climbing 30 feet and Stormtrooping

I'm a winner!
A busy Saturday! I went to Lumberjack Alley before the football game and I saw a mechanical bull or a bucking machine if you will. I wasn't going to ride it, but I saw all the college kids dropping like flies. Well I am Starfleet, so I had to ride it and stay on for eight seconds. Part of it is physical, as you know I am in the best shape of my life. Part of it is balance. I have great balance too. Another part is mental. This is the biggest part, you have to have the mind set that you are not going to fall off that bull. This is what I did. So I was able to ride the complete eight seconds. That's why I'm Starfleet! And I won a T-Shirt too!

There was a thirty foot rock climbing that the ROTC had set up. I wasn't going to climb it, but again I am Starfleet. Part of my creed it to seek out new life and to boldly go where no man has gone before. I have never rock climbed before, so I did that. All I can say that after twenty feet, you feel unsteady. It is all a mind game because it really is like climbing a latter. Coming down rock! I fell at two miles an hour, it was a trip!

The troopers all met up at the Scare on the Square, I entered the contest and I didn't even make the finals! I bet they thought that I bought suit and blew me off. Or maybe a Stormtrooper isn't that cool. No, that's not right because Heath and I had over 200 photos taken of us at the Scare on the Square! Oh, a Stormtrooper is stupid until you want to get a photo with us! When Jim came with his family, he couldn't get away for a while too! So I had a lot of fun letting folks get a photo with us in armor. We were there to have a good time and let others have a good time seeing Stormtroopers. So I'm not mad that I didn't win. In the end, I did win. I rode the bull, climbed thirty feet and made a lot of folks happy. I am a good hippie.

This is the rock wall I climbed!

Here I am riding the bull.

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