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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hippies are Coming back!, Moving a Piano and Running

Trees are cool!
I was a hippy back in high school. My hair was down my back and I wore a Levis jean jacket. As you know I have never drank, did any illegal drugs or smoked. If you think that all hippies did that junk, you are wrong! Hippies have been given a bad rap by the press and Eric Cartman. But hippies are cool folks that can also work hard and have jobs. Being a hippy is someone that loves life and is kind to others. In my mind a hippy plays music and makes people smile. Also someone that isn't afraid of sitting on the floor or getting a little dust on their clothes. So I am trying to bring back those type of hippies. I may not look like a hippie, but there is a hippy on the inside. So get out there and hug a tree!

I got a call this Saturday morning that I don't get very often, "Herb man I need you to help me move a piano. It's on wheels so it won't be that hard." This was from my homeboys Social Bliss. Any other one else I would have said no. Well, not really, but it makes for a better story. Ok. So I got there and it was really easy to move. The hard part is moving a piano when everyone is looking at you. So you know what I did, I didn't look out at the audience. Problem solved. All the years of practicing piano helped me to know what to do. Man I am glad that I play piano.

This week I was able to get near a ten minute mile. So I ran cross country for 26 minutes on Saturday. I can't believe that I can run that far, in another year I bet I may be able to run three miles in a row. For right now, I'm happy with running mile. While running I can't wait for it to be over and when I'm done, I look forward to the next time because I feel so good. A paradox, well not really.

Me after running a mile.

Me before I helped move the piano out for the concerto.

See people are mean to Hippies!

The Happy Hippie Group

See Hippies are cool.

I bring joy to the world by playing guitar!

1 comment:

Nick Reynolds said...

Herb, Thanks for helping us move that piano man!
Also, was that your camaro?




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